What Exactly is RedBrick Rooster?

And what does personal branding mean?

We believe that a brand is more than just the sum of all its parts. A brand is an access point into the flavour and the personality of a business. Sure, every business needs a logo, a website, etc., but we like to take an approach where we look at the big picture, the interconnectivity of all the elements of a brand. That includes but is not limited to: the visual design, the language and tone of written content, sound and music, and the way you interact with your customers and clients on social media. Every step of the way, we’re thinking about how every piece fits into the puzzle, and we work closely with our clients to ensure it reflects your original vision and strategy. Your business is an extension of you.

(Photo above was taken by Tishan Baldeo at our office located in 8space Toronto)

Our Philosophy

We like to do things a little differently. We’re not afraid to push the envelope—to set ourselves and our clients apart from the rest. We also strive to work with socially and environmentally responsible people. We strive to be inclusive while still showcasing the things that make us all unique. We want to instill a sense of pride in the people we work with, with a lot of kindness and just the right amount of cockiness.

What we offer

A “big picture” approach

We factor in how every element ties together. We see the big picture. Even when we’re working on a one-off project, we always consider the brand as a whole and ensure all the pieces fit.

A brand that feels like you

Your business is an extension of you. Your brand is the same. It reflects the personality of your business and it is a vital part of how customers interact with your business.

An honest connection

No board rooms. No suits. Just real people and real conversations. We like to really get to know our clients so we can better understand what makes them tick. We see our clients as friends.

Something a little different

We’re not like every other branding agency. We throw the “Mad Men” aesthetic out the window. We’re still not afraid to be bold and a little cocky, but we’re also not afraid to be kind.


Interested in what we can do for you? Want us to make something kick-ass? Get in touch with us, and we would be happy to talk over a coffee or a beer.

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